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Security Guard Training in Los Angeles

Becoming a security guard in the city of Los Angeles can be an amazing experience. Depending on where you apply (and of course, where you’re accepted), you can work in places like the Staples Center, Rodeo Drive, the Convention Center, and any other busy places that need people like you to keep those places safe.

With that said, there are some security guard training requirements that you must first fulfill before you can even become a guard in Los Angeles. Here are the California state-wide requirements outlined for you below:

Obtain Your Guard Card


The first thing you must do is collect your Guard Card. This is a permit or license that illustrates that you have passed certain background checks through a fingerprint scanning process.

This is required and there is no exception.

To obtain your Guard Card, you must first complete an 8-hour “Power to Arrest” training course and pass the examination. and once you successfully complete it you will receive a certificate of completion and LiveScan Fingerprint Forms, which are required for the next step.


The next step it to take the forms you received from your 8-hour training course, fill them out (all of them – there are 3 copies for different locations) and take them to a local LiveScan provider.

At the LiveScan location, you will be fingerprinted.


In this step, you’re going to submit all of the forms on the California State website at the following address (or you could do it via US Mail as well if you wish): https://www.dca.ca.gov/splash.shtml


Here, you’re basically just waiting for approval from the state.
You can check your status on the State Bureau of Security and Investigative Services website.

It may take up to 2 to 3 weeks to be approved, after which you will receive your Guard Card in the mail.

After You Get Your Guard Card

After you get your card in the mail, you will have to complete 16 more hours of training within the first 30 days after getting hired. The training requirements are mostly “on the job” training requirements and will be handled and explained by your employer.

After that, you’ll need to complete an additional 16 hours of training with the first six months after getting hired, which is administered typically again by your employer.

In total, including the 8 hour Power to Arrest training course you needed to get your Guard Card, that’s 40 hours of total training.

At Luna’s Training you can get all you need to get your guard card, contact us to learn more and start your process.