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Baton Training Course in Los Angeles California

Luna’s Training can provide you with the California Guard Card baton training courses that you need to improve on your specialization as a security professional. Our baton courses will cover the moral and legal aspects of using a baton, the use of force, the use of a baton, grips, stances, defense and arrest techniques, and first-aid for baton injuries. 

Baton Course that We Offer:

Expandable Baton

Our expandable baton security training is designed to apply to different types of expandable batons on the market. The lawful usage of expandable batons doesn’t change despite what brand it is. The trainee will be taught about the proper usage of expandable batons during force situations.

  • This course offers effective defensive impact weapon techniques for officers when involved in danger.
  • The course teaches presentation, mechanical functioning, carrying, striking techniques, and maintenance of expandable batons.
  • The security training of expandable batons will allow the trainee to keep the ability to disengage and strengthen their force options as the situation requires.

ASP Baton Training Certification

The California ASP Baton Certification classes are designed to make the officers familiar with the operational use of the ASP Batons. Luna’s Training Academy makes sure the security training for ASP batons is easy to learn and understand. This course is intended to work efficiently for all law enforcement personnel.

This special training includes drills that imitate the tension of street encounters. At the end of the classes, trainees will have a basic knowledge of the situations in which batons may be used, the reason for using them, and how to record these actions.

PR-24 Baton Course

This security training for PR-24 Baton is designed to provide officers a level of expertise to carry and use PR-24 batons while on duty as security guards. This PR-24 training course involves instruction, student handouts, certification, and practical application.

This special class will cover:

  • Fundamentals of handling batons
  • Familiarization and usage of PR-24 batons
  • First aid for baton injuries
  • Moral and legal aspects of baton usage
  • Use of force

If you need firearms permit for you to carry firearms legally, you also need to be certified to carry and use batons while on duty. Students must also finish a minimum of eight hours of classes.

What Are The Requirements & Costs?

To take baton classes, aspiring security guards need to be at least 18 years old, and you should have or applied for a California guard card permit. You must also present a driver’s license or valid state-issued ID. Individuals who have a violent misdemeanor or felony or restraining order would not be qualified to take the BSIS approved course.

Our baton class covers a different type of batons like Expandable, ASP, and PR-24 for a total cost of $175.00, including a permit. Permits are issued by the end of the class.

How Long is the Training?

This BSIS Baton Course will take 8 hours of training, and students will learn the fundamentals of handling batons. Upon completing this type, of course, you will receive a BSIS Baton Permit. You can’t take this course online, so contact us now to get more info!

What Will You Learn?

Active students who will take part in this course will be able to learn new skills and abilities related to carrying and using batons which includes:

  • Fundamentals of handling batons – learn basic handling of batons, so you will be more efficient in carrying it.
  • Familiarization and usage of batons – A lot of time will be dedicated to getting to know your equipment. During these classes, you will also discover the different usage of batons.
  • First aid for baton injuries – you’ll also learn some medical training like CPR AED and other first aid training related to injuries from batons.
  • Legal and moral responsibilities of using batons – Learn how to use batons properly. The primary part of this course is focusing on the legal and moral responsibilities of using batons. You will also learn how to carry batons properly, how you should use one, and what you can and can’t do with it.
  • Use of force – you will also learn how to use batons with force if a situation requires where you must protect yourself or other people.

What is a Baton Permit?

A baton permit is required for a security guard to carry and use batons while on duty. A permit will be issued by the business training facility upon completing the entire course. This active permit doesn’t need renewal or additional training. However, it’s only valid when the holder has an active guard card registration and permit.

Non-expiring Certificate

While your baton permit doesn’t have an expiration date and there’s no regulation in California requiring further training, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services encourages continuous training, so that you can still carry a baton with confidence to legally and effectively defend yourself.

Renewal applications for your security guard card must be submitted to the Bureau at least 90 days before the expiration date to guarantee continuous possession of a valid baton permit.

In Luna’s Training Academy, we don’t only provide Initial Firearms training and guard card certifications, but we also provide different types of Baton Classes for security personnel in Los Angeles that will teach them the practical application approved by the BSIS. Contact us today!