FAQs: Guard Card Training in Los Angeles CA

The Guard Card Training is the first step in obtaining your Guard Card. Individuals who are looking to start a career as security guards must submit an application to the State of California, and complete the necessary training set by the BSIS before they can be licensed as security guards.

To obtain a Guard Card in Los Angeles, you need to go through an 8-hour “Power to Arrest” training course. After the training, you need to pass the examination before you can get your Guard Card. You can attend an in-person or online training course organized by a BSIS-certified training facility.

Security Guards in Los Angeles, California are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). In order to become a licensed security guard, you need to be awarded a license commonly known as the guard card. Before you can get a guard card, you must first complete the pre-licensing course or the “guard card class”. This course is 8 hours long and can be cleared in one day. 

There is a standard cost for guard card applications. Applying online is definitely more convenient, but would require an additional $1 convenience fee. The standard guard card application costs are as follows:

  • Guard Card Application – $50
  • LiveScan – $32
  • DOJ and FBI fees – $19

Lunas Training offers a complete CPR Certification Training in Los Angeles, California. You can schedule an in-person or an online CPR course depending on which type of training works best for you.  With our in-person CPR training, you can immediately ask your trainer questions and have a more personal approach to your course. Our online CPR courses will fit perfectly with your preferred schedule and pacing.

The length of every CPR certification course depends on which type of CPR you’re seeking to get certification for. You can be certified to perform adult, infant, or child CPR. You can even get a certification to perform all types. Most classes take 60-90 minutes whether it’s an in-person or an online class.

Each of the CPR certifications we offer—whether it’s adult, basic child, or infant CPR/AED—costs $29.95 per certification. If you are seeking to get certified to perform adult CPR only, our CPR classes and certification costs $24.95

If your employment requires you to have proper CPR training, then by OSHA standards having online CPR certifications won’t suffice. Employers, especially ones from the healthcare industry will only accept your CPR certification if it’s from the American Heart Foundation or the American Red Cross.

FAQs: CPR Training in Los Angeles CA