Initial Firearms Training

Initial Firearms Training Certification in Los Angeles, CA

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Initial Firearms Training

On the hands of a capable and trained professional, any firearms, whether a handgun or rifle, can be used to help maintain safety whether in Los Angeles or other cities in California. On the other hand, to hand firearms to an untrained and incapable individual could mean danger for everyone nearby. Having a basic or advanced knowledge and being trained in firearms may be considered a specialization, but it’s nonetheless an important part of his or her profession, which is why at Luna’s Training, we provide intermediate and advanced initial firearms training for authorized personnel in Los Angeles, California.

firearms training in los angeles

Sharpen your skills in firearm usage, master various weapons systems, and challenge yourself to be a more competent security professional.

Luna’s Training Academy offers Initial Firearm training which is certified by Los Angeles’ Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

Our Initial Firearms Training is a two-day course that will cover 14 hours worth of training. Our classes cover the instruction and guidelines provided by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

When you enroll in one of our Initial Firearms classes, please prepare your payments for the following fees:

  • Firearms Application Fee: $100
  • Firearms Assessment: $60
  • Live Scan and Additional Fees: $115
  • Shooting Range Initial Deposit: $60
  • Firearm Qualification Fee: $140
  • Additional Caliber: $20 per caliber
  • All Calibers: $200
  • Firearm Safety Certificate: $40

Day 1: Classroom Discussions

On the first day, our instructor will cover the instruction and basic knowledge that every law enforcement or military professional needs regarding the use of a gun. These topics will range from:

  • Laws and regulations
  • Firearm Safety
  • Officer safety
  • Legal and Moral Aspects of Firearm Usage
  • An Overview of Pistol and Revolver parts and their functions
  • Types and function of Ammunition
  • Scenarios
  • Shooting Procedures


Aside from safe shooting and rifle handling, we also teach handgun safety rules with our Handgun Safety Class by our certified National Rifle Association (NRA) instructors for $175 (three hours). Enroll in Luna’s Training courses to learn how to safely use a handgun.

Day 2: Off to the Range

The second day of Initial Firearm training will involve the actual handling and firing of duty weapons to the shooting ranges. A beginner and participant have to go through the BSIS Approved Range Qualification Course of Fire to be a certified gun owner in Los Angeles, California. 

During this course, you may bring your firearms, trainees who don’t own a firearm can borrow one of Luna’s Training Academy’s firearms at no additional fee.

Day 3: On the Shooting Range

On the third day, you will be trained on the actual handling and shooting of firearms on the facility’s shooting ranges.

Luna’s Training Academy’s Initial Firearm training is an immersive course, a learning environment better than firearm courses in gun stores. The Firearm Permit sealed with a Bureau of Firearm logo issued from our training facility is valid for 5 years and you can purchase your handgun, rifle, and shotgun with your CA ID or DL with this Firearm Safety Certificate.

For self-defense or police officer requirements, it’s important to get basic knowledge on how to use a firearm and know the basic rules before using it.

The country is not really 100% safe. Last November 2018 in Florida, a gunman killed 12 people and himself, and on a Sunday night of July 2019, a teenager began to shoot people at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Nevada, which makes California recently released a new gun regulations stating the newest updated rules in handling a handgun including carrying a concealed weapon (CCW). As of January 2019, long guns, including rifles and shotguns can’t be purchased by anyone under 21 years old, unless they’re under law enforcement or military. It was decided after voters passed an initiative last November 2018. Search and read a relevant blog or enroll at Luna’s Training now and we will provide you the necessary instruction on how to be a responsible handgun owner.

At Luna’s Training Los Angeles, we don’t only provide advanced training in using a handgun or rifle, we also provide relevant services such as basic baton training, basic handcuffing & arrest techniques, etc. Read our courses and contact us today so we can provide you instructions on how to get started.