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Security Training Courses

BSIS Guard Card Security Training Classes We Offer In Geater LA.

  • Certified BSIS Training
  • Certified CPR Courses
  • Certified Guard Card Training
  • Additional Security Training


BSIS Security Guard Card Training Classes

AB 2880 Certification Mandated by BSIS

Security Guard Card Permit

Module A

Live Scan,
BSIS & Class (8hrs)
Price: $250

16 Hours Security Training

Module B

16hrs training prior to first 30 days
Price: $150

16 Hours Training / 6 Months

Module C

16hrs training prior to 6 month
Price: $150

8 Hours Training Yearly

Module D

8hrs training, yearly recertification
Price: $150

Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO)

PSO Training
Price: $250

Initial Firearms Training

Fees Included: Live Scan, DOJ, FBI, BSIS, & Class (with 2 Calibers), Targets (Ammo Not Included)
Total: $540

Initial Guard Card Training w/ Initial Firearms

Fees Included: Live Scan, DOJ, FBI, BSIS & Class (With 2 Calibers), Targets With Ear & Eye Protection Included (Ammo Not Included)
Price: $765

Guard Card Renewal & Re-Qualifications

Every 6 Months: Includes Targets, Ear & Eye Protection (Ammo Not Included)
Total: $75

Additional Courses & CPR Training Near You

Baton Training

PR-24 Baton Training, Expandable Baton Training & ASP Baton Training – Never Expires
Price $175

Tear Gas & Pepper Spray Training

Tear Gas Course & Pepper Spray Training Classes – Never Expires
Price $75

Taser Certification

Taser Proper Reloading, Aiming, Firing & Etc. – Never Expires
Price $175

Loss Prevention Training

Loss Prevention Training Certification
Price $225

Handcuffing & Arrest Techniques

Proper Handcuff Training & Security Guard Arrest Techniques
Price: $85

CPR Classes By American Heart Association (AHA)

Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED, (BLS) Basic Life Support, (PALS) Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Price: $90

Live Scan

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Bloodborne Pathogens Training

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